About us


Shine Railing Patio is a Canadian based company. Here at Shine Railing Patio, we install the best railings and make sure that they look fantastic and to your liking. These are the products we install to ensure safety and to make your home look perfect. We offer products for home or business that is custom built, for commercial or residential. We design and install patios and make sure that it looks perfect. The patio’s are white in colour and are made of aluminum. The cost of the patio will depend on its size. An advantage about using aluminum is that it never rusts, you do not need to paint it and it is durable. There is a lot that meets the eye when you choose awnings for your home. They protect your doors and windows from direct sunlight and keep your home cool in the summer. They also shield your windows from bad weather like rain, snow, hail etc. in addition, most importantly, they look fantastic. If you need durability, low maintenance, weather resistant and impact resistant railings. You should choose Shine Railing Patio for your aluminum railings.